Authenticity and personal leadership are highly valued these days; appreciation for who you really are! But to what extend can you feel and express your liveliness, creativity and vulnerability? We have learned to protect our authenticity as a result of which we are less in touch with it. Moreover our society stimulates intellectual development and control as of a young age so we forget to also listen to our inner wisdom. Over time this imbalance in our being may lead to all sorts of imbalances in our life.

This may manifest as e.g.:
• Finding it difficult to relax
• Highly value control and perfectionism
• Extreme focus on work and performance
• Relationship problems
• Frequently find yourself in conflict situations
• Finding it difficult set clear boundaries
• Feeling stuck in (a specific field of) life

Connecting knowledge and feelings, head and heart, will bring you back in your natural balance. Opening yourself up to yourself is the way. This applies to every single human being irrespective of age, sex, role or position in society.

Bob Marley

‘Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living?’

- Bob Marley